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15038-BBBI Case StudyThe Objective

While bowling is already a popular activity among children, BBBI sought to increase enrollment through whole family and adult participation.  Two programs were created with this objective in mind:  Family Passes and Date Night Packages.

BBBI aimed to upgrade adult customers whose children were enrolled in Kids Bowl Free programs to a Family Pass, which provided each family two free games per person, per day, for $24.95. 

With the goal of increased adult participation in mind, BBBI also created a Date Night package that offered couples a night of bowling, along with dinner, for $24.95. They then needed to determine a method to make these offers profitable for bowling centers nationwide.

The Solution

BBBI purchased $25 Gift Cards for the bowling centers to use as an incentive for those who signed up for the Family Pass or Date Night package.  Customers were offered a $25 Gift Card when they purchased a $24.95 Family Pass or Date Night Package, greatly increasing the value of each package.

The Results

The Family Pass offer saw dramatic results.  Individual bowling centers reported a 25-45% increase in sales, with an average increase of 35% in Family Pass sales.  The $25 Gift Card coupled with the Date Night package demonstrated impressive results as well, and resulted in the creation of an entirely new revenue stream for the bowling centers.

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