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Jumpstart Fundraising Efforts

Their Goal
The ultimate goal for any fundraising event is to find a profitable offering that is as exciting and enticing to as many people as possible, which minimizes the impact on volunteers who are running and selling the fundraiser.  With most traditional fundraising products being priced at premiums to what one could purchase the product at a local store, fundraising is more challenging than ever.  Fortunately for our clients, everyone loves a great, customizable dining experience.  Plus, our gift certificates are sold at a price significantly lower than their value to supporters and are simple to sell and distribute.

The Solution
Whether you decide to utilize our gift cards, gift certificates, or electronic certificates, you are offering an option that is simple to purchase and sell, never expires, is easily redeemable at over 18,000 locations nationwide, and is very cost effective. For example, your organization can sell a $50 gift card for $20 and get to keep up to $10 for each card sold.  The $25 gift cards are available at a cost as low as $5 a piece.

The Results
Your organization can earn double or more for each card you sell!  And by utilizing the power of the brand name, you can be confident in the appeal these gift cards offer your donors.  They are recognizable and instantly strike a cord with everyone.  Since our products are so flexible to redeem, every donor or recipient will be able to satisfy their own taste, and since they are so cost efficient, they will be able to help each organization reach their fundraising goals.

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