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CenterPoint Energy

CenterPointEnergyChange Customer Behavior

Their Goal
In the past, CenterPoint Energy tried to promote their Online Billing options to customers by inserting fliers into the paper bills they sent. However, these inserts were costly and largely ignored by their customers who glossed over the promotions while looking only for their monthly bill. CenterPoint was looking for a cost-effective way to grab their customers' attention and drive them to switch to Online Billing.

The Solution
CenterPoint Energy sent out promotional emails that contained a $25 Electronic Gift Certificate to their customers who were already enrolled in the "My Account Online" option. During the four-week customer promotion period, they sent out customized emails promoting their Online Billing option while enticing their customers with the free Gift Certificate.

The Results
The $25 Electronic Gift Certificates proved to be an appealing and effective customer incentive. Plus, the ability to customize the email messages allowed for CenterPoint Energy to make sure their customer retention message was on point. Together, they created an improved promotion, and it became the most successful CenterPoint Energy Account Services campaign, with a 94% increase in enrollments through the promotional period. Furthermore, the email marketing promotion saved 70% over the cost of traditional bill inserts. Due to the tremendous success of this promotional campaign, CenterPoint Energy won the 2011 Marketing Best Practices Award for Process Improvement by the Southern Gas Association.

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