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SnapFish by HP

CaseStudy-SnapfishIncrease Average Order Value

Their Goal
SnapFish’s target customers are educated, Internet-savvy moms in the 24-40 age range.  While their current customer bank was very large, many of the customers were not regulars on the site and did not use their services as often as desired.  SnapFish wanted to increase their current customer loyalty and average order value with a unique customer promotion.

The Solution
SnapFish devised two approaches to these goals, both of which utilized Gift Cards as the key incentive that could increase the order frequency and average order value. The first approach was to offer a free $25 Gift Card with any purchase. The second approach was to offer a free $25 Gift Card with any purchase greater than $25.

The Results
The promotion with was nearly twice as effective at driving customer sales as other previous campaigns Snapfish had launched. Furthermore, the offer that required an order of $25+ had twice the conversion rate of the offer with no minimum. Their customers were clearly excited by this incentive, and SnapFish has continued to use Incentives as a great prospecting tool.

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