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Life Time Fitness Corporate Wellness

LTFCorporateWellness Increase Employee Participation

Their Goal
Many of the Life Time Fitness Corporate Wellness clients were looking for incentives to increase their employee participation in the program. These employee incentives needed to be appealing to a wide audience, and easy to use anywhere in the country.

The Solution
A $25 co-branded gift certificate was created in order to offer Corporate Wellness clients an incentive for joining the program.  Once enrolled, the participants were also rewarded for meeting various fitness goals and participating for extended periods of time.

The Results
This promotion has substantially increased employee satisfaction and participation across the board, among all clients and among various levels of employees.  The program is ongoing, and performance milestones are continually being overtaken and surpassed. Additionally, a co-branded website has been created to further promote the Life Time Fitness Corporate Wellness programs.

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