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15038-CaseStudy-Learning ResourceReward Employee Production

Their Goal
With over one hundred employees and multiple subsidiaries across the nation, the Human Resources department at Learning Resources was looking for a great employee incentive solution. These rewards needed to appeal to a wide audience, be highly versatile for multiple people, and be usable year round.

The Solution
Learning Resources decided to use $25 Gift Cards as an employee reward during multiple events. Unlike store-specific gift cards, Gift Cards provided the flexibility they needed since they could be redeemed at any one of the over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. Also, since the gift cards have no expiration date, they could be given out at any time of the year and used at the employee’s convenience.

The Results
Learning Resources’ employee satisfaction skyrocketed as they raved about how much they appreciated the Gift Cards. Everyone could use the reward for a great dining experience in their local area at a place they loved. As such, Learning Resources continues to use Gift Cards in many of their human resource programs.

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