• Key to Successful Incentive Fulfillment

    May 01, 2010
    Accurate, timely, and cost-efficient delivery of incentives defines effective fulfillment. In the digital age, some audience’s respond well to e-mail and technologically advanced fulfillment approaches. Yet, others prefer non-interactive delivery methods, including direct mail, but their costs are high due to postage, printing, and, often, third-party labor costs.
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  • Success Stories: Targeted Group Eats Up Restaurant Gift Card Promo

    Dec 01, 2009
    Most people would associate Scotts Lawn Service with a thick, green lawn but probably not with a thick, juicy steak. But last summer, selected Scotts customers got just that – or any other meal they Wanted – when the company paired up with for a gift-card promotion.
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  • Dinner & Movie

    Aug 26, 2009, a dining incentive and loyalty solution provider, has pulled up the curtain to introduce its “Dinner & Movie” package.
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