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Restaurant.com Gift Cards and Certificates are simple to purchase and as customizable as you need. When you utilize our products, you are creating a quick and effective connection with your recipient while providing everyone with a gift they can craft to fit their taste. Just select your quantity, format, and message, and let your recipient enjoy a fantastic dining experience.

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    Quantity & Value

    From 50 to 5 million and anywhere in between, Restaurant.com Gift Certificates are great for any size and any type of program. Available in denominations of $10, $25, $50, or $100, you can select the denomination and quantity that best fits your goal. Since each gift certificate is purchased at a price significantly lower than the face value, your program just found the cost-effective solution it has been looking for. For example, the $25 certificate is less than $5! Some minimums may apply.

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    Customize Form & Format

    Each format delivers the same great Restaurant.com experience, and each can be customized to fit your company’s goal.  Every option can be co-branded to feature your company’s logo or use the very recognizable Restaurant.com brand name to make a positive impact.  If you are looking for a card that is uniquely yours, we will work with you on creating your own customized design.  That way, your customers will think of you first when they get their card, strengthening your connection.

    Gift Cards: Make a strong impact in seconds with either a Restaurant.com-branded or a co-branded card that will keep your company in front of your recipient. Minimums may apply.

    Paper Gift Certificates: Often used in mail campaigns or for smaller quantity programs, the paper certificates offer all the appeal and value of the gift cards with added flexibility for your order.

    Electronic Gift Certificates: Improve your email campaigns or offer as an online order incentive, each certificate can feature your company’s custom message if you choose.

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    Your Message & Design

    Restaurant.com has established itself as the most trusted and respected brand for restaurant savings at quality restaurants. Our well-known gift certificates are accepted at over 20,000 locations, and gladly received by customers and restaurants alike. You can choose to keep your brand and your logo front and center and strengthen your connection with your recipient. Specially designed certificates will keep you in the top of your customer’s mind and help you stand out. Select a Restaurant.com branded design or, if you prefer, have your gift certificates co-branded with your logo. Some minimums may apply, depending on your choice.

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    Get Results

    With over 20,000 restaurants to choose from nationwide, you can reach a wide audience and satisfy virtually every recipient while giving an incentive that’s fast and easy to use. Whether you stick with the branding power of Restaurant.com or customize each order with your company’s logo and marketing message, your customer promotions and employee incentives will deliver a clear connection with great impact.

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